Pain Free and Mobile Joints are the first requisite to Happiness.

Hi everyone I am a Registered Physiotherapist from Hong Kong.

I am passionate with my job to help dancers and patients to get better quicker with my manual therapy and acupuncture

(I obtained my MSc Manipulative Physiotherapy (PolyU) in 2007 and currently studying MSc in Acupuncture and Moxibustion at Hong Kong University).

I am also currently working with my partner Mr. Gordon Tsang who is a Pilates instructor and currently he is studying Master in Science in Sports Medicine at Hong Kong Chinese University.

I will give my Passive Treatment including Manipulative physio and Acupuncture to patients to release stiffness and tightness in Joints and Soft tissue which cannot be done by self stretching/pressure point release etc.

Gordon will give Active Treatment by using Pilates exercise and equipment to wake up the Core muscles, Joint Sense and contrology of the body and mind.

So that our clients/patients/dancers/athletes can get the best result from the Passive and Active treatment!

We believe the first requisite of Happiness is from Pain Free and Mobile Joints!!!

We do FREE Video exercise and anatomy demo on youtube:


Please support us!

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